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FIREBRAND SUPER ROCK play real classic heavy metal with soaring female vocals, thundering riffs and screaming solos. Since forming in Edinburgh in late 2004, FIREBRAND SUPER ROCK have gigged tirelessly, played at festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air and Hammerfest and supported Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

The press have embraced the bands sound, with a full page live review and double page feature in Metal Hammer, airplay from Bruce Dickinson and countless other glowing reviews. In a musical climate starting to swing towards real, traditional Heavy Metal, FIREBRAND SUPER ROCK have the songs and the stage show to put them way ahead of the pack.

The debut album is now out on Rising Records and is available from all the usual outlets. A full Eropean/UK tour will be announced for Spring 2012 so keep your eyes peeled for dates in your area.

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Production Credits

Engineered, mixed & produced by Bryan Ramage











"FIREBRAND SUPERROCK – Metal! None more so; if you like your classic Maiden style metal. Impressive professional front line old school proper power metal. Extremely well recorded. Highly recommended"

Sonic Abuse

“Boasting a sound that is part heavy stoner rock, part black Sabbath part Black Album-era Metallica, Firebrand more or less have it all – rampaging riffs, huge gutsy choruses and blistering solos – while the crystal clear production ties it all together perfectly allowing for every musician to get their moment to shine.”

"Thankfully the band have managed to find a producer who really understands their music and Ramage’s work has brought out the very best in these fine songs. In particular Jamie Gilchrist’s brilliant solos have been given the razor edge required to slice through the dense, lead heavy underlay provided by Scott’s drums and Frazer Marr’s bass and really shine. I’m not going to pick out songs for individual mention because every one is a highlight in its own right; you don’t find many albums with this sheer level of consistent quality. FSR have surpassed my hopes and expectations and delivered a magnificent debut, worthy of their incendiary live shows. For real groove-laden, thrill packed heavy metal – look no further."
Chris Kee - metalteamuk

"Classic Metal lives and dies on two things - riffs and the singer. They have riffs coming out of their ears and in Laura Donnelly they can boast real class. She is both soulful and capable of some serious power, sounding like Grand Magus's JB in female form."

Firebrand Super Rock - You might have already seen them opening for Slayer in London as part of our 15 Minutes Of Pain Competition to open Unholy Alliance shows around the UK. Along with the powerhouse back-line of Frazer Marr on Bass and Bruce Urquhart on drums, Laura and Jamie play unashamed and proud classic metal with overtones of NWOBHM drawn through the filter of Down, Grand Magus and Wolf.

Formed less than four years ago, FSR are three guys and one gal who say their ready to claim back "metal for people that just want to punch their fists in the air and have a good time". Tonight they bring their mighty brand of super rock to a packed pub in the center of Manchester and easily win themselves a new gaggle of fist-punching fans in the process.

"We seriously suggest you check out Firebrand Super Rock - they sound like Down on a seriously stoner riff bender fueled by every scuzzy drug, having invited the singer from Firewind to come and wail over the top."

"Songs like "Wheel of Pain" are as good as you will fins anywhere, and the sheer consistency is breathtaking... This hardworking band deserve to be huge."

"Like a well-aimed hatchet hurled across a bloody battlefield - dont't bother to duck."

"Firebrand Super Rock are a young Edinburgh based metal band. This is their first EP and it is quite simply stunning. This is real traditional heavy metal, full of power and melody and topped with the incredible vocals of Laura Donnelly.”

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