Crashed Out


'The One And Only'

Kick ass Punk Rock N Roll Band from Jarrow.North East England

Formed in 1995 when the guys were 15 & 16 year old schoolkids, Crashed Out did their first gig later that year - playing mostly punk covers. Fast forward to the present day!, The band has gained a solid fan base world wide doing their own original material.


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Production Credits

crashed out 2010

Engineered, mixed & produced by Bryan Ramage 2010








Engineered, mixed & produced by Bryan Ramage 2011









Sunday 20th February 2011


Crashed Out has certainly come along way since they started out as an Oi! band in 1995. Having played ‘Crash & Burn’ on and off all day this is the best album I’ve heard from these guys. Lee and Geordie really turn it on with the rhythm section.

Just listen to some of the awesome guitar chords / bass lines throughout this record and you’ll understand the love they have for this band. Chris really turns it on with his vocals and shows what a decent front man he is. The drummer really knows his kit and his work on here is almost faultless.

As well as some great rock n roll being played just listen to the words. They’re meaningful and I wish more bands would write about what is going on around them instead of writing meaningless words. Fifteen tracks on this album and not one filler. Some of my favourites include the opening number ‘Cut My Teeth On You’, ‘Battle Scarred’, ‘Still A Fighter’ which just show how far Crashed Out have come from their humble beginnings.

However for me the outstanding number is ‘The Town That Died’ which is such a passionate number. Anyone with a love for music will realise a lot of love was put into that song both musically and lyrically! The Production is top notch and packaging is really cool too! ‘Crash & Burn’ is one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2011 and I’m sure you’ll feel the same when it’s in your player!

With bands like Crashed Out giving it their all rock n roll will never die! 9.5/10

I Hate People Records

Release Date: February 28th 2010

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